Lucy Kennedy

Personal Trainer

Lucy started her career in the fitness industry at the age of 18. At 22 she joined the Metropolitan Police in London. She served for 10 years gaining qualified experience in Police riot training. She emigrated to New Zealand with her young family in 2007, having been recruited by the New Zealand Police. Lucy retired from the Police in June 2019.

Throughout that time Lucy continued to work in the fitness industry and has built a successful personal training business. Her passion is working with her clients, helping and motivating them to be the best they can be in all aspects of their health and wellness. Lucy is a REPS registered Personal Trainer, HPN Nutrition Coach, Licensed Metafit coach and Pelvic Floor safe Trainer, to name but a few. Throughout her 27 year fitness industry career she has qualified as a coach in many different types of fitness programmes, remaining up to date and current. She provides one on one training and group fitness classes here at In Good Hands.

Lucy is a self confessed gym bunny with extensive previous experience in triathlon. She loves to run the bays and her summers are spent in the ocean on her paddle board. She is passionate for the outdoors and long walks with her husband and new puppy.

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